September 2021 Newsletter

Oct 1, 2021

Letter from the Executive Director:

Last December we began the process of researching ways to be more accessible to clients and decided we needed to revamp our website, making it more informational and user-friendly.
After months of collaboration, we have launched our new website.  Please check it out, explore and enjoy:
One of the new features is a “quick escape” button for survivors to use when they need to quickly leave the site without a trace of history.  We never want to put survivors in a dangerous situation.  The most dangerous–and statistically, lethal–time for a survivor begins when they have decided to leave.  We also wanted to make it easier to learn about services, become aware of events hosted by Turning Pointe and read about facts related to domestic violence and sexual assault.  We have also added a Blog that will be regularly updated.  Watch for those updates.
Being accessible to all survivors is a huge priority for us.  Having a social media presence, services in Spanish, texting capabilities and 24-hour crisis line access are just come ways we are there for those that need us the most when they need us the most.

Gina Finley, MNPL

Created by Survivors: BLANK CARDS Available for purchase ($12/6 cards)
Envelopes included!

Click here to order yours!

If you know someone who needs our services, please have them
CALL OR TEXT: 360.426.1216

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Power of the Purse committee is actively planning for this year’s event. We are committed to having the best event ever–given the potential need to adjust should there be statewide guidance on large gatherings. We will continue to communicate with everyone, but the event is on and we will be creative if necessary.

POWER OF THE PURSE 2021 is creeping up on us!
In fact…it’s in a month! Remind your friends, your family, and your family’s friends that we have an amazing night on October 16th planned to support our Youth Advocacy program.

Buy tickets down below for a chance to bid on our AMAZING auction items like… 
8 Yoga sessions with Joonbug Yoga at the beautiful Alderbrook!

Buy Tickets Here!

It was a huge success, with free pizza from Domino’s, tie-dye crafting, and community.

Are you passionate about Prevention efforts? Do you want to be a key contributor to our Prevention Program?  Do you enjoy training, facilitating and speaking to Youth about Healthy Relationships? We are hiring a Prevention Education Specialist.  Send resume and cover letter to (NO CALLS, please)

Board Member Spotlight!


How long have you been a board member?
Around 2 years, maybe 3.

How did you first hear about Turning Pointe?
About 3 to 4 years ago I was looking for organizations to support that aligned with one of my goals–which is to end homelessness. Domestic violence is one cause of homelessness, so it aligned pretty well. It was something I wasn’t expecting.

Favorite memory/moment you associate with Turning Pointe?
Being asked to join the board.

Least favorite dessert?

One goal you have for Turning Pointe in the next 5 years?
To be able to provide services for anyone that needs it without turning anyone away.
“After several weeks passed, we noticed that the survivor needed us less and less, which is a good thing in comparison. She came to us a little while later to let us know that she had a housing opportunity in her home state and near her brother and other family members and so she was off to start this new chapter.  Along the way, the survivor would call at each stop to check in with us and to let us know she was safe, then she finally landed and was at last with her family.”

Staff Spotlight!

What is your job title and what does that mean (for the rest of us)?
My job title is Nights & Weekend Shelter Advocate, but I also perform data entry here as well. Being a Shelter Advocate means that I hold down the fort overnight. Since crises cannot be scheduled, we are here and readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any emergency needs related to domestic violence or sexual assault all while ensuring safety and well-being of our residents in our shelter.

How did you get to the job you have today?
My journey began in 2010 when I myself left a very long, abusive relationship. I put myself through school and earned my degree in Human services. Before I could graduate, I had to do 400 hours of internship and was hired as an intern at a DV agency. That’s where I found my calling and my place on this earth. I was offered a position as an advocate and that’s how it all started.

What’s your ideal Sunday afternoon?
Oh goodness, since I started here at TP, which I love and would not change, I work on weekends, so it has been a while since I have had one. But, in the perfect world, an ideal Sunday would include my kids, my honey, a stack of homemade pancakes, on the couch watching Netflix with my 2 fat kitties smothered in soft blankets for most of the day. 

One thing you’d want people to know about Turning Pointe?
That TP has some of the kindest, smartest, informed, compassionate advocates I have ever met. The management team here at TP genuinely care about staff and survivors.

Thank you Sierra Pacific and Bavarian Pro Wash for being our TWO Louis V. Sponsors for the 2021 Power of the Purse VIP Dinner and Live Auction!

We are so thankful for our 2021 ADOPT A ROOM Sponsors:
Skookum Rotary
Hackney Family Dental
Joe L. & Nancy Synder
Bill & Holly Oplinger
George Steele
Julia Puhich
Green Diamond
Rob & Wendy Wilson-Hoss
Ross McKnight (two rooms)
Pat and Sandy Tarzwelll (NEW!)

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