Raise the Roof Campaign

The “Raise the Roof” campaign, is a heartfelt initiative by Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center to transform the lives of survivors of domestic violence. At Turning Pointe, we believe that everyone deserves a safe haven, and our mission is to provide survivors with the support they need to heal, rebuild, and thrive. We are calling upon our compassionate community to come together and help us address a crucial need – repairing the roof of our shelter.

The Challenge:

Our shelter has been a sanctuary for countless survivors seeking refuge from domestic violence. It has been a place of solace, a starting point for rebuilding lives, and a safe harbor amidst life’s storms. However, the passage of time has taken its toll on our shelter’s roof. With repairs required in the near future, we want to ensure the safety and comfort of those who turn to us for help.

Give Local, Raise The Roof Campaign 2023

Our Fundraising Goal:

To address this challenge, the “Raise the Roof” campaign seeks to raise over $100,000 for the complete replacement of the shelter’s roof. This ambitious goal will not only ensure the structural integrity of the building but also allow us to continue providing a secure and nurturing environment for survivors on their journey to recovery.

Why “Raise the Roof” Matters:

The shelter’s roof is not just a physical structure; it represents the shelter, hope, and promise we extend to survivors in their darkest hours. By supporting “Raise the Roof,” you are directly impacting the lives of survivors and giving them a chance to rebuild their futures in a space that is stable, safe, and full of possibility. Your contribution will be a beacon of hope for those who seek a way out of the shadows of domestic violence.

Get Involved:

There are multiple ways you can show your support for “Raise the Roof”:
Make a direct donation to contribute towards our fundraising goal.
• Share this initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues to raise awareness about domestic violence and the importance of providing secure shelter for survivors.

Together, We Can Make a Difference:

At Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center, we firmly believe that change happens when individuals and organizations unite for a common cause. Your participation in “Raise the Roof” will have a lasting impact on the lives of survivors who deserve a chance to heal and rebuild in a secure environment.