November 2021 Newsletter

Nov 30, 2021

Letter from the Executive Director:
I was asked recently about what part of my job I enjoyed the most. As I reflected on the many parts that I like, I realized one of the most rewarding aspects of my work is running into people in the community who share that they are former clients of Turning Pointe. It is humbling and renewing to have someone share a story like that with me. I’ve had three experiences recently that particularly stand out.

 1.) A young lady waiting on me at a restaurant overheard where I work. When I went to pay for the bill she told me she had been in high school when she and her mom moved into the shelter. She credited our services for helping her mom leave an abusive relationship.

2.) I was asking the owner of a shop downtown if she would be interested in donating to our annual fundraiser. She not only agreed to help out but shared that she had been a client when Turning Pointe was first opened. She has since remarried and is so thankful that Turning Pointe was there for her.

3.) A businesswoman I met through a networking event privately shared that while she didn’t require shelter, she did need a support group to recover from her own domestic violence experience. While she sat in our support group with women who had visible, physical evidence of abuse, she felt guilty for not “having it that bad”. However, when she got to tell her story of being stalked, emotionally abused, and sabotaged at every turn, another survivor–who happened to have a black eye–turned to her and said, “I am so glad I didn’t go through what you had to”. She said she started to see how domestic violence really doesn’t care about social status or education–all survivors deserve support.

Whether it’s in conversations with strangers or old friends, I hear more stories about personal domestic violence experience than I ever thought were possible. It affects everyone and each story is different. It gives me hope that so many people over the years have been helped by the services we offer at Turning Pointe. It is our job to make sure those services continue. 

Perhaps you know someone who needs our help. Call 360.432.1212.

Gina Finley, MNPL

If you know someone who needs our services, please have them
CALL OR TEXT: 360.426.1212



While you’re online shopping on Cyber Monday, send Turning Pointe clients a gift for Giving Tuesday on November 30.
As you gather around the table for Thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate what you might have this year that others might not. We have a full shelter going into the holiday season. As people start giving gifts to their loved ones and spreading kindness, we hope that you think of Turning Pointe!

Currently, our clients are in dire need of a list of household items. They typically come into shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs and we provide them with all that we can. 

Click here to find our Amazon Wish List of current shelter needs. Everything on this list we are running low on.

Thank you for your continued support as we get into the holiday season.
Board Member Spotlight!

How long have you been a board member?
Since April of this year.

How did you first hear about Turning Pointe?
I first heard about Turning Pointe about fifteen or so years ago from different advertisements in the community. 

Favorite memory you associate with Turning Pointe?
Hearing the guest speaker, Kendra, tell her story at the Power of the Purse fundraiser last month. Very moving and a reminder to all of the mission of the organization.

Least favorite dessert?
This is a difficult question. I like them all! I guess my least favorite would be chocolate covered cherries, but I still eat them.

One goal you have for Turning Pointe in the next 5 years?
I would like to see Turning Pointe receive more donations from within the community so we can become less dependent on public grant funds for ongoing operating costs.

CLIENT STORY:”A client was experiencing difficulty trying to cope with one of the most traumatic losses–a miscarriage. I discussed her options with her, either going to the ER that night or waiting until the weekend was over to see a doctor. Because of her pain, we agreed that it’d be best for her to go to the ER that night.

“She stopped just before getting in her car and said ‘No really, I appreciate your help so much. Just listening–hearing me, letting me get it all out, just being able to talk to another person helped me release some of the anxiety and stress that’s built up. I feel better. I can handle this, thank you!'”

Staff Spotlight!

What is your job title?
Advocate/Support Group Facilitator.

How long have you been with Turning Pointe?
4 months.

How did you get to the job you have today?
I was a criminology/criminal justice major at Saint Martin’s University. During my junior year of college I took a victimology course and my instructor was a victims advocate for Thurston County. He really inspired me to want to know more about the resources we have in Mason County. I started searching and came across Turning Pointe!

One goal you have at Turning Pointe in the next 5 years?
To successfully help survivors in domestic violence and sexual assault support groups. I hope to create a safe place that survivors can come together and share their experiences. I want it to feel warm and welcoming.

One thing you’d want people to know about Turning Pointe?
One thing I want people to know about us is that we’re here. Our mission is to empower survivors and support them!


Created by Survivors: BLANK CARDS
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Envelopes included!

Click here to order yours!


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