1. Title 3

Providing safety and support for survivors through advocacy, prevention education and action for social change.

If you are in immediate danger.

CALL 911
And get you and your children to a safe place.​​​
Go to a room with a door or window to escape.
Stay away from rooms with potential weapons such as the kitchen or garage.
Stay away from bathrooms, closets or other small spaces where the abuser can trap you.
Lock the abuser outside if you can and call 911.
Think about a neighbor or friend you can run to for help.
Let us help you make you a Safety Plan before you leave.


Our Services

From temporary shelter to advocacy. Turning Pointe can assist you. 
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Upcoming Events

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The Shelter

With 54 beds, Turning Pointe operates one of the largest DV shelters in the state. 
It is also one of the only pet friendly facilities available. 
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Our Donors

We are proud to say thank you to our many community and corporate donors. Without them Turning Pointe would not be able to provide these essential services in our community.  

The Shelter

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